Special General Meeting 19 February 2016, Canberra





Notice of Motion by the Board of APPA to move a Special Resolution:

    1. To consider, and if agreed approve, changes to the APPA Rules of Association as set out in the document promulgated in the APPA Website on 27 November 2015 that inter alia will have the effect of enabling all Recognised Entities to nominate one member each to the APPA Board;
    2. If (1) agreed, to invite all State Associations and  Recognised Entities to each  nominate a representative to serve on the Board of APPA by no later than 30 April 2016, to take office from 1 May, 2016; and
    3. If (1) and (2) agreed, to declare vacant all positions on the APPA Board  as at 30 April, 2016, excepting those of the APPA Executive Committee.



Phil Shaw-Dennis


27 November, 2015