How to Join APPA

Becoming an APPA Accredited Player is as simple as joining one of the Pitch and Putt Clubs or courses that have been recognised by APPA. To view the list of Recognised Courses click here.

Upon joining, and for as long as you remain a member, you automatically become an APPA Accredited Player. This entitles you to:
  • Formal recognition nationally and internationally as a registered competition-playing member of their Course, Club, State Association and APPA;
  • Eligibility for selection by APPA as a representative participant or team member in any competition to which APPA nominates participants;
  • Eligibility for support for participation as an APPA representative participant or team member in any competition so designated by APPA;
  • Eligibility for inclusion in APPAs national player ranking system;
  • Eligibility for participation in any national handicapping system or handicap-based divisional classification system APPA may set up, including the APPA Course Handicapping System;
  • Eligibility for publicity for event performance through channels available to APPA;
  • Award of documents and/or other insignia denoting APPA accreditation; and
  • Eligibility to attend and speak at APPA Annual General Meetings.
  • Eligibility to nominate for appointment to any position in the Executive Committee of the APPA Board; and
  • Eligibility to nominate for selection as your Club’s representative on the APPA Board.