Criteria for Recognised and Associated Entity Membership of APPA


1.  An entity will be eligible for Recognised Entity membership of APPA if it meets Entity Criteria 1-6 and 8-14 listed below.  On approval by APPA, it will be eligible to appoint a representative to the APPA Board and if it also meets Entity Criteria 7, to be selected to host state and national level competitions.
2.  An entity will be eligible for Associated Entity membership of APPA if it meets Entity Criteria 1, 8, 9, and 14, and any of the other criteria that may apply. It will not be eligible to appoint a member to the APPA Board nor to host state or national level competitions.
Entity Criteria Entity Criteria Required for Eligibility as:
Recognised  Entity Associated Entity
1 Recognises APPA as the governing body for P&P in Australia and understands APPA’s relationship with GA. Yes Yes
2 Course conforms to international standards of hole length (maximum hole 90m, course 1,200m) Yes Optional
3 Course has a minimum of 9 holes Yes Optional
4 Will apply APPA rules of P&P to open competitions including use of tees Yes Optional
5 Has a membership system for its regular players who, upon entity recognition,  will thereby receive Accredited Player status with APPA Yes Optional
6 Maintains a recognised handicapping system for its playing members and accepts APPA Course Handicapping for visiting competitors Yes Optional
7 Is willing to host interclub, state or national level open competitions and is reasonably close to accommodation for visiting players. Optional No
8 Welcomes, and provides facilities for, visiting players to play P&P socially or informally Yes Yes
9 Desires promotion of its facilities through APPA  website and social media Yes Yes
10 Desires to enter teams in the Australasian Interclub League (Commencing 2017) Yes Optional
11 Desires its regular players to have the opportunity to compete elsewhere including by APPA selection in international events. Yes Optional
12 Wishes to take advantage of all APPA services and opportunities including member participation in National Ranking system Yes Optional
13 Wishes to be kept informed of P&P news through APPA website and social media. Yes Optional
14 Accepts need for regular funding of APPA by payment of annual membership fee. Yes Yes