Changes to Rules of Association Approved

APPA enables clubs to nominate board representatives

A General Meeting of APPA has agreed to changes to its Rule of Association that will enable all clubs to nominate individual representatives to the APPA Board. In brief, these changes:

Remove all references to Registered Members from the Rules.
Make Accredited Players the main form of individual membership of APPA.
Give Recognised Entities the right to each nominate one member to the APPA Board.
Maintain the right of State Associations to each nominate one member of the APPA Board.
Tighten slightly the way in which Recognised Entities are identified and give them responsibility to identify their members who automatically become Accredited Players and to inform APPA who they are.
Make a number of small consequential changes that are mostly self-explanatory.

These changes will give Clubs and players a more direct opportunity to influence the way in which Pitch and Putt is administered in Australia. They are set out in full in the revised Rules of Association here.
Recognised Entities have been asked to nominate their representatives on the Board and the new Board is expected to take office on 1 May, 2016.