About APPA Old

The Australian Pitch and Putt Association Inc. (APPA) is the body that manages the sport of Pitch and Putt in Australia. It is one of more than a dozen national associations that make up the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations (FIPPA), based in Europe, which controls pitch and putt around the world. As befits a unique sport, it is independent of Golf governance.

APPA is run by a Board of up to 10 members. The Board’s Executive Committee comprises the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. One other member represents the State Association that has been formed within APPA, namely the ACT (PPACT). Should further State Associations be established, each will be entitled to nominate a Board member to represent it. Players of Pitch and Putt are represented on the Board through the Club or course to which they belong. These – known as “Recognised Entities” – are each entitled to nominate one person to be a member of the Board. In addition, up to two members may be co-opted to the Board to meet particular needs identified by the Board.

At the present time, there are 4 “Recognised Entities” – Waverley, Canberra International, Terrey Hills, and Wiradjuri. Upon registration as such, their members automatically become members of APPA as APPA Accredited Players.

The State Associations or, where there is no Association, the entities themselves, pay an annual recognition fee to APPA for each entity, which entitles all their members to APPA Accredited Player status, and to the services provided by APPA.